Our story, 25 years of Arden Grange

Of course, we’re all about PAWty-ing for our 25th anniversary celebrations, but what’s equally important is the story that has led us here. Back in 1996, Graham and Wendy Stephens founded Arden Grange with a simple vision: to deliver nutrition without compromise for dogs and cats across the world. 25 years later, our family-owned-and-run company has achieved exactly that — and more.

Here’s our story…

The birth of Arden Grange

It all started with a love of German Shepherds. Living in the beautiful Sussex countryside, Graham and Wendy Stephens were renowned for their experience and expertise in the dog world, where they had been breeding and showing their highly acclaimed Ardenburg German Shepherds for many years. Recognising that these dogs can have delicate digestive systems, the pair were intent on feeding the ‘best of the best’. From there, it seemed only natural to begin creating their own pet food.

With their goal set, Graham and Wendy knew they needed to create nutritious food that didn’t compromise on quality, ingredients or health benefits. To produce the food, the couple were able to harness their knowledge and understanding of canine dietary requirements. But Wendy says it was the pair’s genuine passion for pet wellness that was the special ingredient.

And so, the Arden Grange range was created — naturally hypoallergic, British made, free from artificial preservatives and colours and packed with ingredients to promote optimum health and vitality. ‘Nutrition without compromise’ became our mantra.

Staying true to our mission

From the get-go, Arden Grange was a success. While it started as a small business based just outside of Brighton, owners, breeders and vets across the UK were impressed by the quality of the food and switched their pets onto Arden Grange. Not long after its initial launch, the couple extended the range with a new super-premium dry cat food too. Why? Because felines deserve top nutrition too.

Over the years, our company has grown in popularity and reputation, with over 20 countries across the world stocking our products. All the while, Arden Grange has remained true to its roots — still an independent, British and family-owned company with an unwavering philosophy. In fact, the success has only served to strengthen our mission further, working with leading nutrition specialists to ensure the food always contains the very best ingredients.

Sadly, Graham passed away in 2009, but Wendy and her daughter, Emma, are both company directors and are continuing to create success for the Arden Grange brand.

Celebrating 25 years

To mark our 25th year, we’ve been taking part in a year’s worth of celebrations, making sure that everyone who has been a part of our story is involved. Following a long hiatus due to the pandemic, we made a welcome return to the show circuit, celebrating with friends — old and new — at various shows throughout the year.

What’s more, we ran an exciting competition for UK stockists and independent pet shops, as well as launching a charity giveaway to provide over 40,000 meals to dog and cat rescue centres all over the country.

And of course, we couldn’t forget about our loyal customers. We’ve got a HUGE competition to win £25,000 cash and a year’s supply of Arden Grange. There’s still a chance to win, so head here to enter.

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing our story and celebrating our anniversary with us. Here’s to the next 25 years!

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