Games for Cats

Of course, PAWty games HAVE to be involved in our celebrations! There’s no need to spend a fortune to have fun with your cat. In fact, the simplest games are usually the most effective. With this in mind, we spoke to accredited Cat Behaviourist and owner of award-winning
Honeysuckle Cat Toys, Clare Hemington, for her round up of enriching games.

1. Bathtub Tomfoolery

“Bath time can be fun, even without water. Baths provide a lovely smooth surface in which toys can slide around without getting lost. Just pop in your cat’s favourite toy and watch them go!”

2.  It’s All About the Paper Bag

“If you would like to have a simple eco-friendly game with your cat, you can’t beat a paper bag. Firstly, ensure your cat is focused on a toy or treat in your hand and flick it into the paper bag. The toy/treat should be something light, like a scrunched-up piece of paper, a small ball or an Arden Grange cat food kibble. You can start with the bag on its side, then progress to having it in a standing position. For your cat’s safety, it’s important to remember to remove any handles from the bag before starting the game.”

3.  The Feather and Rod Game

“One of the best toys to get cats running around are those that have a plastic rod attached to a length of cord at the end, which is usually a feather or other toy that can be ‘swished’ around. Cats can engage with these toys by chasing them and jumping up at them.

“However, whilst many cats love them, others can be frightened by the movement. Never fear, just take the rod end of the toy, place it under a rug or any other item on the floor, with just its tip showing. Then, slowly withdraw the tip so that it’s hidden, then randomly reveal different lengths of it from different angles. Likewise, you can trail the toy across the floor, allowing it to ‘stop’ momentarily, just as your cat’s prey would.”

If you try any of these PAWty games at home, we’d love to see your pictures and videos over on Instagram. Tag us using #ArdenGrangePAWty for the chance to be featured in our Hall of Fame.


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