Games for Dogs

No party is complete without games! Although it may be tricky to play pass the parcel or musical statues with our dogs, our friends at Canicross UK have suggested a great game that is both fun and stimulating:

Did you know your dog’s nose is 100,000 times better than yours?! Why not get those amazing senses fired up by playing ‘Hide and seek’ games with your pup?

Hide and seek is a great game for all the family to enjoy with dogs of any age, including puppies or older companions. This is a great alternative to high-impact exercise for older or injured dogs, keeping their brains active, and those senses focussed. 

At Canicross UK, we start by teaching this game using the KONG Ballistic ‘Hide & Treat’ dog toy, but any pet safe toy that you can stuff treats into will work just as well.

How to play

1. Start by placing your dog’s favourite treat inside the pouch. Choose something super smelly! Allow your dog to have a really good sniff! Yep — they know what’s inside…

2. Next, take your dog out of the room/sight while the treat is hidden. Once well hidden, allow your dog to search. Decide a cue like ‘Go find!’, or ‘Seek!’. Whatever you choose, keep it consistent.

3.  While your dog is searching, keep your manner really upbeat, encouraging your dog as they get ‘warmer’ to the treat.

4. Once found, always praise your dog and give them the tasty treat as reward for following their amazing sense of smell! 

5. Practise this game using positive reinforcement, until your dog can seek out treats consistently. 

6. Next, you can take the game outside (where there are more distractions), and this can really make for a few fun family hours exploring the great outdoors.

Get the kids involved in this fun-packed activity and see how well your dog finds hidden treats, simply by following their nose. Remember, keep it fun, give lots of praise for success and go armed with tasty treats as reward! 


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