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"Frank" the Labradoodle Puppy - Submitted by Jo-Anne Robinson

Meet Frank! This cute little lad is a Labradoodle pup and he is 10 and a half weeks old. His mum Jo-Anne says: "Thank you so much for the information and samples you sent us. Frank loved the food and I love the fact it has no GM products and will help him so much as he grows. We're sticking with it and have a large bag of it which he is steadily working his easy through! :-) Thanks again" Frank is currently enjoying the Arden Grange Puppy Junior Large Breed food, and looking very well on it too! Many thanks to Jo-Anne for her contribution.


"Ice", "Juke" & "Belle" ~ All Big Arden Grange Fans, Submitted by Emma Boothroyd

"I thought I'd share my German Shepherds. Ice, Juke and Belle. Belle is the puppy and she really enjoys the Arden Grange Puppy Junior Large Breed. She has settled in very well and no poo accidents in the house! She loves her food, and I have been using the samples you sent as treats (she's already learned to sit!) Ice and Juke are fed on the Adult Lamb & Rice and Adult Large Breed which they like a lot, but they get most excited when the liver paste tube comes out... They adore the Tasty Liver Treat, and I smear this on stag antlers for them, a real great way to encourage chewing to keep their teeth clean." Many thanks to Emma for the top tip! It's a great use for the Liver Treat. We are very happy the dogs are fit. well and happy and we loved the photos you kindly sent us too. For more dental care tips, why not have a read of our fact sheet:


Puppy/Junior Large Breed: with fresh chicken and rice

Puppy/Junior Large Breed: with fresh chicken and rice

Recommended for:

  • Large breed puppies from 8 wks of age +
  • Giant breed puppies from 8 wks of age +

Can also be used for:

  • Smaller breed puppies who prefer a larger kibble size
  • Smaller breed puppies with a large appetite
  • Smaller breed puppies who have a higher requirement for joint protection
  • Large and giant breed puppies who are younger than 8 wks of age

Nutritional Information:

  • Larger kibble size perfect for large and giant breed puppies
  • Boosted levels of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM to help maintain supple, strong joints and cartilage
  • 35% Chicken: comprising fresh chicken and superior quality chicken meat meal providing meat protein of a very high biological value to support the structural and functional demands of the body during growth
  • Less energy dense than the regular Puppy Junior - to help promote slow and steady growth; a good choice for puppies with a larger appetite
  • Calories per 100gms: 389
  • Cost per kilo: 2kg = 4.54; 6kg = 3.67; 12kg = 3.46

Puppy/Junior Large Breed: with fresh chicken and rice
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