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Premium Wet Dog Food Appetite Plus


What You Thought

Appetite Plus testimonial from L Edge

A big thank you to Sue and the team at Arden Grange for developing ‘Appetite Plus’. Without this product my 17 year old Jack Russell Terrier cross Chihuahua bitch ‘Patch’ would no longer be with us. Having had seven days on fluids only, no appetite and given hours to live she suddenly turned a corner and Appetite Plus is the only thing I can put it down to. With grateful thanks, L Edge Square House Boarding Kennels


Appetite Plus testimonial from Nora Price

We have used Arden Grange for 13 years. At Crufts we purchased a tin of your new Appetite Plus canned food, not realising how important it would be. We have a bitch undertaking a caesarean, an older girl having an op and a singleton puppy. It is a brilliant addition to your range. Thank you. N Price


Partners Appetite Plus, Rich in Chicken

Partners Appetite Plus, Rich in Chicken

Recommended for:

  • All breed of puppies and adult dogs with additional nutritional requirements

Can also be used for:

  • Puppies requiring assistance in making the transition from their mother’s milk to solid foods
  • Dogs who are ill or recuperating and finding it difficult to eat solid foods
  • Adult dogs suffering from inappetance or malnutrition

Nutritional Information:

  • Highly concentrated liquid diet ideal for syringe feeding and can be easily lapped from a bowl or saucer
  • Contains high levels of Chicken (22%) and also Chicken livers (4%) making it extremely palatable
  • Nutritionally complete product with balanced vitamins & minerals
  • Dried Whole Egg provides an extra source of fat and the purest form of protein
  • Fish Oils provide omega-3 fatty acids with natural anti-inflammatory properties
  • Dried Yeast is an excellent source of B-complex vitamins and amino acids
  • Added probiotic (FOS) promotes the beneficial intestinal flora, and helps to limit the growth of pathogenic bacteria. It may also aid in enhancing the immunity within the gastrointestinal tract and improve the utilisation of the nutrients


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