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What You Thought

"Tess" & "Shadow" ~ Submitted by Jenni & Andy Fox

"Poor little Tess (the terrier) was found around 13 years ago in a ditch. It was felt she was dumped as no owner could be traced. Andy brought her home and she has been his real sidekick ever since! The vet estimated she was a Jack Russell terrier cross, just a few months old. As she got older she started to scratch a lot and her skin was getting drier. We tried some antihistamine but I did a lot of research in to dog food as we also adopted a Husky in January. Shadow the Husky was also a rescue dog and he has a very sensitive stomach. My research took me to Arden Grange and there has been no going back since - both dogs are thriving. Shadow now has a beautiful coat (which was very poor from his past) and Tess' skin is looking a lot better. They have been fed on Arden Grange for 5 months now. They both particularly love the Partners Chicken and we often mix it with the Salmon & Rice biscuits. Andy and I absolutely love walking so that has no doubt had an impact on how well Tess is doing at her age. She is very fit and is often still keen after miles of walking! Shadow also requires a lot of exercise and we love exploring the beautiful british countryside with them. Thanks so much again and they really are thriving thanks to Arden Grange I am glad I took the time to research the best for them." Many thanks to Jenni for the lovely story ~ we always like to hear about rescue dogs finding their forever homes.


Susan Hawkard & Bridie the English Springer

I first contacted Arden Grange in October 2011 as my 2 year old ESS was having constant ear infections and her skin was dreadful. She had been diagnosed as having Malasessia Pacydermatis. Ness, the Nutritional Adviser and Sam, the Administration Manager at AD were unbelievably helpful and so knowledgeable and helped me every step of the way. We are now in March 2012 and Bridie has gone several weeks without an ear infection and her skin problem is well under control. What is more, she is eating out of her dish for the first time ever as she has never enjoyed her food and has always had to be hand fed to make her eat! It is an absolute joy to see her looking so well and the Arden Grange diet combined with such a dedicated team have truly saved her life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Partners Fresh Chicken, Rice & Vegetables

Partners Fresh Chicken, Rice & Vegetables

Recommended for:

  • Adult dogs. Partners is a complete food so can be fed alone or alongside an Arden Grange dry recipe.

Can also be used for:

  • Young puppies as a topper
  • Older puppies in conjunction with an Arden Grange dry growth diet - Please see feeding instructions by clicking the "more information" tab
  • Senior dogs
  • Nutritional Information:

  • Highly palatable with 70% fresh chicken
  • Lower moisture content in comparison to many other wet dog foods
  • Complete and balanced recipe for adult dogs
  • Available to buy as 24 x 395gms cans.
  • Calories per 100gms: 140
  • Cost per kilo (based on single unit price): 3.16


Partners Fresh Chicken, Rice & Vegetables
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