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Partners Sensitive Fresh White Fish & Potato

"What a relief to find a wonderful wet food that contains no cereals, grains or nasty additives. With two dogs recovering from emergency stomach operations it has been a nightmare finding the right food. This food is perfect in every way for them. Our vet is extremely happy with their recovery and their coats are beautiful again. Cannot recommend this food highly enough and the advice/support from Arden Grange staff." Lisa Hird


Sensitive Partners Testimonial from Kat Harrison & "Sully"

"Hello, I just wanted to update you on Sully. He is doing great on a mix of the Partners Sensitive wet and the dry Sensitive dog food. His vet is happy with his progress and he's got to go back in a few weeks to redo bloods and urine sample but it's looking good. He doesn't seem to be dribbling, has lots of energy and is a healthy weight now and looking fantastic. Thanks for your help and support, Kat." Sully is the gorgeous Husky in the photo. His little friend is called Dot. We had to take extra special care with Sully's diet as he has a very sensitive digestion and is under the vet's care at the moment, so we are happy and pleased to hear how well he is getting on. Many thanks to Kat for the lovely feedback.


Partners Sensitive Fresh White Fish with Potato

Partners Sensitive Fresh White Fish with Potato

Recommended for:

  • Adult dogs. Partners is a complete food so can be fed alone or alongside an Arden Grange dry recipe. This gentle, low fat, grain free recipe may be particularly suitable for dogs with a delicate digestion.

Can also be used for:

  • Young puppies as a topper
  • Older puppies in conjunction with an Arden Grange dry growth diet - Please see feeding instructions by clicking the "more information" tab
  • Dogs who require a low fat diet
  • Dogs with a dietary allergy or intolerance to chicken protein (white fish is an ideal alternative primary protein source)

Nutritional Information:

  • Highly palatable with 64% delicious white fish
  • Lower moisture content in comparison to many other wet dog foods
  • Complete and balanced grain free recipe for adult dogs
  • Available to buy as 24 x 395gms cans.
  • Calories per 100gms: 81
  • Cost per kilo (based on single unit price):3.42


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