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We are a British pet food brand that has been a pioneer in pet nutrition for over 27 years. Built on our core philosophy of ‘nutrition without compromise’ all our dog and cat diets are based on no-nonsense, naturally hypoallergenic formulations. Our foods are gently digested and highly palatable with no added artificial flavours or sugar. Our recipes contain exceptional ingredients, carefully sourced and included for their nutritional value. We combine these with powerful natural supplements to promote optimum health and wellbeing. It’s our mission to fill every dog and cat bowl with goodness, in the UK and beyond.

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imageOver 27 yearsWe are a British pet food brand that has been a pioneer in pet nutrition for over 27 years.
imageLife stages and stylesOur range of food caters for puppies and kittens through to senior dogs and cats. We also have a range of diets for different lifestyles.
imageComplete dietsOur dog and cat food is complete, meaning it provides all the nutrition your pet needs in one diet.
imageNaturally hypoallergenicAll Arden Grange dry food recipes are naturally hypoallergenic.
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27 years of trusted pet nutritionWith nutrition without compromise and pet health at the core of the brand, Arden Grange has enjoyed an unwavering reputation within the pet food industry since its launch in 1996. Arden Grange was born from a love of pets. Providing a nutritious diet for dogs and cats, without compromising on quality, ingredients, or health benefits. This was the foundation on which the naturally hypoallergenic Arden Grange range was built.

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Browse our range of naturally hypoallergenic products. We cater for different life-stages and life-styles, and offer size specific options for adult dogs. A one-stop shop all for your kitten, puppy, adult dog, adult cat, senior &/or sensitive pets' nutritional needs.

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Arden Grange’s promise of nutrition without compromise is at the heart of everything we do. Our nutrition advisers are absolutely passionate about canine and feline health and wellbeing, and they are happy to help if you have any questions regarding your dog or cat's diet.

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Our four-legged friends can sometimes be complex creatures. We have a whole library of helpful articles sharing tips and advice to help support your pet care journey from the very beginning to the golden years (and everything in between!)

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