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Marehla Red Baron Von Autumn Glory's Success at Crufts 2009!


Marehla Red Baron Von Autumn Glory (Kristo) awarded two seconds out of over 200 Hungarian Vizslas

Hungarian Vizsla Crufts 2009

Crufts 2009

Kristo was awarded 2nd in the Special Working Gundog Class and in the Good Citizen Scheme too. Out of 26 entries in the Gamekeeper's class he was just pipped at the post. Kristo is in superb condition and very fit, being well muscled and gleaming! He is fed on Arden Grange Performance, which his father Huza Grenadier of Autumn Glory (Monte) promotes too. Monte is an Arden Grange "model" and can be seen looking fabulous on the advertisement for Performance on the rear cover of the Dog World Crufts issue. The photographs show owner Alyson Elwood handling Kristo in his breed classes. Specialist judge was Mrs L J Townsend. The Gamekeepers class was judged by Mrs G O'Driscoll. The moment was extra special for Alyson and Kristo as this was his first time at Crufts!! Arden Grange offer well deserved congratulations to Alyson and Kristo on their successes, and wish them many more in the future.



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