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"The weaning diet has been terrific, and suited our pups really well. Shortly they will be going on to the Junior diet. You will see how well they look. We have kept one of the bitch puppies. Mum is in good shape too. We also have 2 older Shelties, 12 & 10, and a 10 year old Labrador, all of them on your Adult diet. Likewise, my son's Working Cocker, and Labrador. The Cocker has been recently speyed, and when she went back to the vet for her post operative check, the vet could hardly believe how quickly she had healed after the op. They all loved the treats that you sent! Thank you very much. Brenda Tunnell." Thanks to Brenda for sharing her beautiful images. We are delighted to hear that the family's dogs are all doing so well. July 2009.



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