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Findowrie Dachshunds


Many thanks to Maureen Poole for the use of her beautiful images and super testimonial.

Maureen Poole

Maureen Poole

Findowrie Dachshunds are a small and select kennel situated in Shropshire who breed quality, happy, healthy dogs for the show ring and occasionally, for selected pet homes. Dachshunds have been a part of Maureen Poole's life for 50 years, and the Findowrie affix was registered in 1970 when she bred her first litter. Maureen says: "The Findowrie Dachsunds are regularly placed at Championship Shows and all of them are fed on Arden Grange. I always recommend it to the people who purchase my puppies as it is a good quality food at an affordable price. There is never any problem with the dogs not liking it, and they always clear their plates!" All of us at Arden Grange wish Maureen and her dogs the best of luck in their up and coming shows. We are very grateful to her for allowing us to use these images. As you can see, the dogs are gorgeous and Maureen is a very proud owner, and deservedly so! http://www.findowrie.me.uk August 2009



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