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Autumn Glory Vizslas Autumn Update!


We were thrilled to receive a selection of beautiful puppy photos from Alyson Elwood (Autumn Glory Vizslas).

Autumn Glory Pups Tucking In

Autumn Glory Vizslas Sleepy Time

Autumn Glory Vizslas Plotting some Mischief

Alyson is proud owner of Kristo (Marehla Red Baron Von Autumnglory); the sire. Meeka (Amazing Grace of Whitbymoor) is the dam and is owned by Janette and Dave Hansell from Whitby who are first time breeders! (Affix Whitbymoor). Kristo and Meeka's mating resulted in a super litter comprising 4 boys and 2 girls. As you can see, they are in supberb condition.Throughout the pregnancy and during lactation Meeka was fed on Arden Grange Prestige. The puppies were started off on Arden Grange Weaning Puppy Food and are now graduating at 8 weeks of age to Puppy Junior Large Breed. They'll be fed this in their new homes until they are at adult height and ready for a suitable adult diet from the Arden Grange range. Alyson says: "Janette and Dave can't get overhow Meeka has kept up her beautiful condition and plenty of milk! Superb bone structures on the pups and their coats just gleaming too! All new owners will be continuing to feed them on Arden Grange and 4 of them are not too far away from me in Scotland so already Jim has been busy delivering puppy food to them!" Congratulations Alyson, Janette and Dave. Also, special good wishes and good luck to Kristo, who has his first Field Trial on the 10th October... Hopefully there will soon be cause for more celebration! October 2009



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