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Jacqui McWhinney's Agility Success with Storm, Chase & Phase!


Storm, Chase and Phase along with owner Jacqui have been doing exceptionally well on the agility circuit this year.




We were delighted to receive this super testimonial from Jacqui, who feeds her 3 dogs on Arden Grange: "I have been doing agility for 10 years and currently run 2 dogs at competition level and 1 dog at veteran level. I discovered Arden Grange 2 years ago at the KC International Festival where I was given some free samples. Concerned about my eldest dog (who is very temperamental on certain foods) I got in touch with your nutritional advisors with many questions and eventually decided I would 'give him a go'. He was brilliant on the food (at the time Arden Grange Performance) and I continued to feed him this for the next year. He started struggling to eat the large kibble at the age of 11 and I chose to move him onto the Adult Chicken & Rice which he is still on to this day. He currently runs veteran - at KC shows he is always within the top 5 and at Independent shows he more often than not wins and I always get comments on how he doesn't look or act the age that he is. The 2 other dogs I run at competition level are brother and sister BC's aged 4. I struggled to get weight onto Chase and tried him on various feeds but to no avail. About a year & a half ago I decided to try him on the Performance that I was feeding my other dog and his weight evened out, his toileting was better and much to my surprise he started working better (I thought he worked well before!) At the age of 4 he now works at grade 6, has qualified for 5 finals, winning one of the finals. Because there was a noticeable difference in his attitude to work I moved his sister onto the Performance about 8 months ago and again I saw a change in her. She is now competing at grade 4. All 3 dogs have more energy and are brighter in eyes and coat so obviously I will continue feeding Arden Grange!" Thank you very much Jacqui, and we all wish you and the dogs the very best of luck in your future competitions!



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