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Crufts Success for Kim Ellis (Tenfield Golden Retrievers)


Arden Grange congratulate Kim and her dogs on their recent success at Crufts 2010!

Tamu at Three Counties

Tenfield Maorie Venture Crufts 2010

We recieved this email from Kim, and were thrilled to hear that her Arden Grange-fed dogs did so well at this year's Crufts. "My Basenji Tokaji American Gangster at Tenfield who has been reared on and is still eating Arden Grange Puppy/Junior Large Breed won the Post Graduate Dog class at Crufts on Friday. I am always receiving comments about ‘Tamu’s’ gleaming coat and being asked what he is fed. As a tricolour, it is particularly important that condition shines through. The photo shows him at Three Counties Ch Show last year where he was Best of Breed at only 7 months old. Not to be outdone, his kennel mate Ch Tenfield Maori Venture JW won the Golden Retriever Open Bitch class, the Bitch Challenge Certificate and Best Opposite Sex at Crufts on Sunday, beating 224 other Golden Retriever bitches. ‘Pepper’ was reared on Arden Grange and is maintained on Adult Lamb & Rice. Not just a pretty face, she is a valued member of our local shoot’s picking up team during winter months and achieved her Show Gundog Working Certificate in January, after achieving her Sh Ch title in just four weeks at the end of last year, winning Best in Show at the Northern Golden Retriever Association Ch Show and Best of Breed at Midland Counties Championship Show in huge entries. I am attaching a photo of ‘Pepper’ and the Best of Breed Viking invader from Norway (photo courtesy of Hans Blanke, Belgium)" Kim Ellis Tenfield Golden Retrievers, Tamu the Basenji and Emorlen Lysander at Tenfield a.k.a. Crisp the Beagle On the edge of Salisbury Plain and just three miles from Stonehenge, Wiltshire, UK



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