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Naida, Top Bracco Puppy 2009


A fantastic testimonial from Jayne Kiddy, who has been delighted with Naida's recent success. Congratulations Jayne and Naida!

Charlie and Naida

Mary and Naida

Bracco Pups

"Naida, our chestnut roan Bracco Italiano puppy, born 12.09.08 was suffering terribly with a skin complaint, loss of hair, greasy, scaly skin and was very difficult to get weight on. Many foods and supplements were tried, but to no avail!! I heard about Arden Grange Sensitive from a friend in pointers, Naida was duly fed on this and within 2 months all of her hair had grown back and her coat was glossy and looked fantastic, she gained weight and started winning all puppy and junior classes, she went on to finish 2009 as not only TOP Bracco Puppy 2009, but Top Gundog Puppy overall for the rare breeds section!! Many exhibitors have commented on her condition. We are very proud of her and extremely grateful to Arden Grange for this fantastic food!! We would highly recommend it for any dog with poor skin and coat." Jayne Kiddy - a very satified customer!! The photos are of Naida with Mary, Naida with Charlie - Jayne's stepson (both show her in Junior Handling classes) and her new litter born 19.03.10,



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