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"Ozzie" - Dawn & Pete Radford, Linda & John Pattenden


Ozzie is a very special boy. We first started talking to his owners (Linda and John) and his breeders (Dawn & Pete) last Summer when he was a puppy, suffering from a condition called hypertrophic osteodystrophy (HOD). The cause of this condition remains unknown and it was understandably a worrying time for all.

Ozzie Pattenden

We were thrilIed to recently recieve a lovely email from breeder Dawn Radford, who says: " I thought I'd send you a recent picture of Ozzie who was diagnosed with HOD last July. The vet said he didn't think he'd grow to full size but he's proved them wrong & as you can see from the pictures he's a stunning, healthy boy. His owners, Linda & John brought him up from Reading to Lincolnshire last weekend to see us & he fitted back into the Schonhund Gang like he'd never been away. In the photo, he is sat with his Great Grandma +11 years & still going strong! Our dogs are all fed on Arden Grange. Thanks once again for all your help during that stressful period of his life & for showing your Arden Grange customers the dedication you have for them & your product."



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