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Prickwillow Bouviers


Our marketing team recently paid a visit to Eurotunnel's Pet Lounge at Calais and were lucky enough to meet some of the Prickwillow Bouviers returning from a very successful trip to Holland.


The dogs had attended the Bouvier des Flanders Championships at Hateren, Holland and achieved some extremely imprssive placings:- 1st in a class of 15 for intermediate dogs 3rd for intermediate bitch 4th in the Championships 2 x Excellent and a Very Good Congratulations from us all at Arden Grange! In the photo, you can see one of the dogs going back into their vehicle after a spot of exercise and a toilet break. You may be aware that as well as our pet food business, Arden Grange is also home to a very busy boarding and quarantine kennels. We are often asked about travelling with pets, and have recently produced an article on this subject which is free on request. Please email ness@ardengrange.com if you'd like a copy. Eurotunnel is a popular means of transport to Europe for many because unlike airlines (where pets are kept in the hold), owners can stay with their pets in the familiar surroundings of their own vehicle for the short (35 minute) journey from Folkestone to Calais. Another advantage is that pets and their owners can travel 24 hours a day. It is also an economical means of travelling with your pets. More than 475,000 pets have crossed the channel with Eurotunnel over the last 10 years! Arden Grange have worked in conjunction with Eurotunnel throughout the year by being on hand to give out bags of dog and cat food to passengers travelling with their pets. As a result, Jen Chambers and Val Botting from our marketing department were invited to visit the Pet Lounge in Calais earlier this month and meet with the staff at both sides of the tunnel. Jen & Val were impressed with how smooth the journey to Calais was and both agreed that this is the way to travel if you are taking your pet abroad. The journey is so smooth that you hardly know you are moving and your pet is in the vehicle with you for the duration of the journey. There are pet exercise areas before you go into the tunnel and immediately you get to the other side which “relieves” any pressure!!



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