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Autumn Glory Vizslas - Summer Update from Alyson Elwood


We received this lovely letter from Alyson, and she is understandably very proud of Kristo who has just qualified as a Therapet. Well done Alyson and Kristo from us all at Arden Grange!

Kristo in his Therapet Jacket

"Kristo wants to show you his new yellow TheraPet Coat! He only recently qualified as one after a very strict test/assessment by Canine Concern for Scotland! Also he had to be vet checked too, and the vet was told that he was to treat him the same way as if he were a Guide Dog for the Blind with regard to suitability/ temperament, be in top condition at all times and has to also have more than the normal vaccinations too! I have had to be CRB Police Checked and obtain references - we now both have ID Passes and you would think we were joining MI5!! Kristo had his first visit to Erskine House where the Military Veterans are housed. He was a bit unsure first of all when he saw a wheelchair approaching him as he had never seen one before but the next minute he was best friends with the veteran who had never been kissed/licked by a dog!! He has requested that Kristo do come and visit him too!! He was very well behaved and a gentleman and the staff were delighted, so he is now allowed to visit and make their day! Also Kristo is to help with the rehabilitation of the injured soldiers returning from Afghanistan. He is ideal to get them out of their wheelchairs and back on their feet as they can lean on him for balance and walk with him etc - Kristo being the ideal height and strength! There is one other Vizsla TheraPet but Kristo is the only Military one!!" Alyson & Kristo Therapet is a Scottish charity based in Argyllshire. Therapet is the Scottish equivalent of PAT Dogs or Pets As Therapy in England .



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