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Congratulations to Dawn Goodall & Amelia Murray (Mianna Dobermanns)


Dawn met one of our sales team (Liz) at Windsor, and shared the fab story of her beautiful Dobermanns' recent success




"Mianna Tara's Delight (Tara2) gained her 3rd CC at Windsor 2013. She has been fed Arden Grange since day one, and her mother and kiddies - Mianna's Crackling Rose (Aspen) and Mianna' s Impossible Dream (Rocco) have also been fed on Arden Grange all their lives. Rocco and Aspen have hit the show world by storm gaining BPD & BPB at Blackpool where Aspen gained BPIB. She went on the get 4th in WPG. Rocco won the Pro-Plan puppy stakes at Windsor and was runner up over the 4 days. So as you can see they are all thriving on Arden Grange." Many thanks to Dawn & Amelia for allowing us to publish her photos and for her kind words about Arden Grange. Congratulations! The dogs are stunning. The first photo shows Tara, the second shows Aspen, and the third shows Rocco.



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