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Arden Grange's history

Arden Grange Ltd was founded by Graham and Wendy Stephens and the company is situated in the beautiful Sussex countryside. Prior to founding their pet food business both Graham and Wendy were renowned for their experience and expertise in the dog world, where they had been breeding and showing their highly acclaimed Ardenburg German Shepherds for a number of years. This extensive knowledge and understanding of canine dietary requirements, combined with the desire to provide superior pet nutrition led to the birth of Arden Grange.

Ever since Arden Grange was first launched, we have been building on our knowledge and experience and our range has evolved from those early days, whilst still holding true to the original commitment to optimum nutrition. In 1997 a range of super-premium dry cat foods was launched, demonstrating our belief that cats deserve the same high quality, hypoallergenic foods as their canine counterparts. The canine range continued to expand to include additional flavours as well as more specialist diets for dogs with specific requirements, our "Partners" tinned foods and "Crunchy Bites", a range of dog treats.

Both Graham and Wendy were central to every decision made by the company and their passion is evident in every member of staff they employ, many of whom have been with the company for over ten years. Sadly, Graham lost his battle with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in November 2009. Graham was a man of deep integrity, an excellent leader and friend who is still greatly missed. His greatest legacy, even before Arden Grange, is his family. Arden Grange is continued by the Stephens family, in the path set by Graham and Wendy.

As an ethical company Arden Grange are committed to the health and welfare of all cats and dogs. This commitment extends to our "Not tested on animals guarantee" which is demonstrated by our procedures in developing new products. Before reaching market all recipes are trialled by the discerning pets of Arden Grange staff, in their home environment. Rather than being tested "on" animals our products are tested "by" them, to ensure palatability and digestibility. Our Arden Grange "Not Tested on Animals Guarantee" logo is prominently displayed on all our packaging and marketing materials.

We listen carefully to our customers and regularly review our product ranges to ensure that we are meeting the needs of both them and their pets. In 2011, due to changes in EU labelling legislation regarding ingredient declarations on animal food packaging we had the perfect opportunity to refresh the design of all our product packaging. The new designs, which are vibrantly coloured and feature an image of a different dog on each product, were launched at Crufts in March 2012 to universal approval. It is a testament to the pride we take in our foods that Ollie, the dog owned by Director Jon Stephens son of Graham and Wendy, is the star of our "Adult with fresh chicken & rice" dry dog food, as well as its tinned partner.

In 2013, after much consultation with our customers we decided to revamp our dry cat food recipes. Cereal, grain and gluten free recipes are becoming increasingly popular with cat owners and the Arden Grange's feline recipes have been carefully formulated to be free of these ingredients. Not only does our range provide wholesome and gentle nutrition to cats suffering from allergies to these ingredients it is also ideal for cats whose discerning owners simply prefer to feed a diet free from these ingredients. Following in the design of our dog food, the packaging features a different cat for each product and is available in foil packaging to keep the food fresher for longer.

We were delighted with the response our new, grain free cat food range received and in October 2014 were awarded the "Your Cat Magazine cat product of the year" for our "Adult with fresh chicken & potato" cat food, an astounding achievement considering the product had only been launched in March of that year. October 2013 was also when Wendy was honoured with a lifetime achievement award from the Pet Industry Federation, in celebration of her tireless work to promote greater understanding of the benefits of top quality nutrition to our pets.

After being presented with her award Wendy commented "It was a complete surprise to be presented with the lifetime achievement award and also to win the 'Your Cat magazine - cat product of the year' award". I am very honoured to accept these two prestigious trophies and I am delighted to know that our recently launched cat food has been so well received."

The winning streak for Arden Grange didn't end there however. In January 2014 we received two "highly commended" Your Dog Magazine awards. The awards were received in the Best Dry Dog Food and the Specialist Dog Food categories, for our Adult range and our Sensitive ocean white fish and potato canine diets respectively.

Arden Grange continues to go from strength to strength and our products are now available in over 30 countries throughout the world. We are immensely proud that we still remain true to our roots and are still a truly independent, British, family owned and run company. We are constantly refining our recipes so as to provide the latest innovations in nutrition to pets fed on our diets. This is demonstrated by the fact that Arden Grange is the first UK company to feature krill in all our dry dog food recipes, a testament to the benefits we believe this exciting new ingredient offers.

We will continue to enhance and develop our range, whilst holding true to our core philosophy, envisioned all those years ago by Graham and Wendy, of "nutrition without compromise".



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