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Springer Stan's great recovery!


Presenting Stan, a Springer Spaniel who gave his loving owner Steven Marley a real scare in February as you can see from these before and after photos.

“Returning home from work, I found Stan in a very bad way with the foulest metallic smelling blood from his rear end and vomiting.” Without wasting any time he was rushed to the vets, where Stan was diagnosed with hemorrhagic-gastroenteritis, a life threatening condition. He lost 6kg in 15 days and spent three weeks in the vets - it was touch and go. With continual care Stan has made a remarkable recovery.

Stan was given a prescription diet as advised by his Vet but it was hit and miss with his digestion so Steven looked into alternatives and came upon Arden Grange positively in various online forums.

Nutrition Adviser Ness (a qualified and registered veterinary nurse) says: “There is definitely a place for veterinary diets but as with any dog food no one product can suit the entire dog population. We don’t know exactly why the prescription diet didn’t prove ideal for Stan, it could have been due to an ingredient that his digestion took a dislike to, a balance of nutrients or even the processing methods. On this occasion, we understand why Steven needed to seek another diet. The right nutrition can make such a positive difference to an animal’s recovery time.”

Steve opted for Arden Grange Adult Lamb & Rice with clearly defined ingredients and natural supplements included to support the digestion and immune system.

With there still being room for improvement with Stan’s stools, it was a tense period. Steven reports “When Stan went out to go to the toilet after his first Arden Grange meal we were poised like stalkers waiting to see what would appear. Our jaws hit the floor as he pushed out the perfect stool. We were dancing around with joy - just over his toileting!

Stan now has perfect stools, his coat is growing properly again and his muscle tone and weight are revitalised. He is a dog that loves life again…thanks to everyone who helped him to recover, we love him dearly, and as for Arden Grange Lamb & Rice - I can't recommend it enough!”

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