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Itchy dog: 5 reasons why your dog is always scratching!


Sometimes its nice to have a good old scratch! But you can have too much of a good thing. If your dog is always scratching it can be heart-breaking to watch their discomfort, trapped in the constant itch scratch cycle.

If your dog suffers from problem skin, then your vet should always be the first port of call to treat the uncomfortable symptoms and establish the root cause of the problem. This is notoriously difficult as there are many possible causes such as:

1. Environmental allergies

2. Flea or mites

3. Bacterial or yeast infections

4. Stress

If all of these have been eliminated, it might be time to take some food for thought!

5. Itchy skin and recurrent ear infections may be symptomatic of an adverse food reaction!

In some cases a change in diet may help alleviate the symptoms. One might typically expect a dog suffering from dietary allergies to experience digestive problems but the skin and coat are also often affected; frequently the ears and/or feet.

Take Gucci the Italian Spinone. He ate a good quality naturally hypoallergenic diet but still suffered skin irritation. His owners reviewed his diet more closely and identified his treats as the possible culprits. They soon switched him to a sensitive version and were pleased with the results read more here.

So if your dog has a potential food allergy or sensitivity contributing towards itchy skin we have lots of information that can help break the itch scratch cycle! Visit the advice section of our website or contact us directly for a one on one nutrition consultation with our qualified nutritionist and Registered Vet Nurse.

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