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5 things every working and sporting dog owner should know


Feeding the working dog is rather like fuelling a Formula One car. There is no way that McLaren could run their team at optimal efficiency using inferior fuel! Here are some key things to consider if you have working or sporting dogs.

1. Start right: By feeding an appropriate diet from puppy-hood, the adult working dog will grow and develop strong bones and joints, and a well-muscled frame at a healthy rate.

2. Work rest and play: A working dog is a happy one, but the balance must be right. If a dog bred to work is insufficiently exercised and stimulated that he could become bored. Ensuring that your working dog leads a full and active life will go a long way in promoting good health and longevity.

3. Hydrate: As well as ensuring clean drinking water is readily available, try feeding kibble lightly soaked for about 30 minutes prior to serving to ensure that your working dogs increased requirement for water is met.

4. Fuel: Naturally, a working dog will require more calories and nutrients than those utilised by a family pet. Feeding a more energy dense diet designed for working dogs means that increased nutritional demands can be met during the season without having to feed copious volumes of food that take longer to digest and metabolise.

5. Protect: The working dog is particularly subject to physical stress due to the demands of his sport. When the body is under stress, potentially harmful free radicals are released. Antioxidants, if present in the diet in sufficient volume, may help to combat their effects. Diets with the correct balance of essential nutrients and sensible levels of supplementary ingredients such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, joint supplements and chelated minerals are ideal.

We have a more detailed advice on feeding working and sporting dogs here. Best of luck in your forthcoming trials and events!

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Ness Bird RVN

Photo: Huza Grenadier of Autumnglory (Monte).

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