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About Us: Philosophy & Ethics

Arden Grange is an independent, family-owned company, dedicated to providing optimal nutrition for cats and dogs. 
All Arden Grange super premium products are:

  1. Hypoallergenic - made to recipes that include no wheat / gluten, beef, soya or dairy products
  2. Made from named ingredients using traceable, sustainable food stocks
  3. Not tested on animals in invasive research projects
  4. Free from added sugar or salt
  5. Naturally preserved
  6. Free from genetically modified ingredients
  7. Made in the UK
  8. Free from artificial colourings and flavourings
  9. Boosted with natural supplements to help support the digestion, immune system, skin and joints
  10. Made to fixed formulae


Super Premium Pet Food

A super premium diet supplies optimal, rather than minimal, levels of all of the nutrients required for the species/age/lifestyle that it is intended for, and includes supplementary ingredients that have a positive impact on health. 



Arden Grange are members of the Pet Food Manufacturers' Association , the leading trade body for the UK pet food industry.


Transparency of Labelling

Arden Grange pet foods are labelled in accordance with FEDIAF (the European Pet Food Industry Federation). 
We use named and specific ingredients which means you know exactly what your pet is eating. Chicken meat meal for example is 100% chicken, but poultry meal could be a blend of 50% chicken and 50% turkey. 'Derivatives of animal origin' is an even looser category which could be comprised of any type of meats. such as beef. Animal or vegetable fats/oils, cereals and derivatives of animal or vegetable origin could include several or multiple sources. We choose not to include them in our range because they are an unknown entity, inconsistent and of lower nutritional value.


Maintaining Nutrient Levels

Nutrient losses through cooking are a viable concern for many owners, but our analytical figures correlate to the end product rather than prior to cooking, so what you see declared on the packaging is a true representation of the nutrient values of the food. 

Further information


Not Tested on Animals Guarantee

We were disappointed when the 'Not Tested on Animals Pet Food Standard' set by the BUAV was discontinued.

We felt that this endorsement allowed to us to further communicate and support our own company policy and principles regarding animal testing.

We would like to assure our customers, suppliers and the general public that our products continue to meet the very high requirements previously set by the BUAV.

As we felt so strongly regarding this matter, we developed our own 'Not Tested on Animals Guarantee'. This continues on from the strict criteria that we met when the BUAV 'Not Tested on Animals Standard' was in practice.

Our guarantee, together with our company policy, affirms we have not and never will fund any invasive research projects conducted in relation to the development or refinement of pet foods manufactured or sold by our company.

Our 'Not Tested on Animals Guarantee' logo is prominently displayed on all our packaging.


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