Starter Bundle

£20.00£7.63 / 1 kg
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2 kg Sensitive Adult Grain Free Dry food:
Grain free - ocean white fish & potato
225 g Grain Free Sensitive Crunchy Bites:
Grain free with fresh ocean white fish & potato
395 g Partners Sensitive:
Grain free with fresh white fish & potato

Arden Grange Sensitive promotional bundle

We understand how hard it can be to find the right food or treats for your sensitive soul. That’s why we’ve created our awesome sensitive food and treat bundle, perfect for dogs with delicate skin and/or tummies. This bundle includes an awesome selection of food and treats making it, the perfect trial pack when looking for the right food to help support your dog’s sensitive immune system.

Arden Grange Sensitive promotional package in overview:

  • 2 kg Sensitive Adult - Grain Free - Fresh Ocean White Fish & Potato
  • 225 g Crunchy Bites Sensitive - Grain Free - Ocean White Fish & Potato
  • 395 g Partners Dog Sensitive
  • Suitable for dogs with sensitive stomach