Grainfree Ocean White Fish & Potato

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Arden Grange Sensitive light/senior ocean white fish & potato 

Arden Grange sensitive light/senior ocean white fish & potato is a nutritionally complete dry food, ideally suited for older or overweight dogs with delicate digestion and/or sensitive skin. It includes our superfood blend of fruits and plant extracts which consists of citrus extracts to help reduce inflammation and support the immune system; dried fruit extracts containing antioxidants which can help protect against free radicals; cranberries for urinary tract health; curcumin for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties; black pepper to help increase the absorption time of curcumin into the body. This cereal and grain free recipe is lower in calories and benefits from significantly higher levels of joint supplements compared to our adult maintenance diets, helping keep dogs mobile into their senior years.

The dry food Sensitive light/senior ocean white fish & potato from Arden Grange at a glance:

  • Grain free recipe
  • Ideal for older or overweight dogs with sensitive skin and digestion
  • Boosted levels of joint support
  • Lower calories compared to our adult maintenance diets