Grain free - ocean white fish & potato

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Arden Grange Sensitive Mini Adult - grain free - ocean white fish & potato

This gentle recipe excludes grains and cereals and includes fresh ocean white fish as an easily digestible source of protein which is naturally high in omega-3 essential fatty acids. It includes our superfood blend of fruits and plant extracts which consists of citrus extracts to help reduce inflammation and support the immune system; dried fruit extracts containing antioxidants which can help protect against free radicals; cranberries for urinary tract health; curcumin for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties; black pepper to help increase the absorption time of curcumin into the body. All of our diets contain a blend of nutrients and natural supplements to help promote the optimum health, vitality and condition of your pet. These include prebiotics to aid digestion; joint supplements; sustainably sourced krill to help promote a healthy skin and coat; plus added vitamins and minerals to help support your pet’s dental health. High quality ingredients are selected to create our diets and we do not include any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. All our products are naturally hypoallergenic so you won’t find any wheat gluten, beef, soya or dairy products in any of our recipes. This may reduce the risk of dietary intolerances and allergies that can cause digestive disorders and skin complaints.

The dry food Mini Adult - grain free - ocean white fish & potato from Arden Grange at a glance:

  • Grain free recipe
  • Ideal for dogs with sensitive skin and digestion
  • Contains our new superfood blend of fruit and plant extracts
  • Smaller kibble - great for small and toy breeds
  • A delicious and digestible alternative to chicken and lamb
  • Includes 22% fresh ocean white fish