5 fun things you can craft for your cat now!

Boredom-busting pet hacks for pet parents on lockdown! Here are 5 things you can make for your cat using ‘stuff’ you probably already have in your home!

We're back with more ideas to keep you all entertained during lock down.
This time we have some fun things you can make for you and your cat to enjoy using 'stuff' you probably already have in your home!
1. loo roll kibble catcher

Food games are great for stimulating your pet.  All you need for this one is an empty loo roll tube and some of your Arden Grange grain free cat kibble! Simply crush each end of the tube and fold slightly with the kibble inside.  Don’t seal too well, the idea is for some kibbles to escape through the gaps. Give it a shake to get your cat interested and watch them go!  Don’t forget to throw it away and clear up any loose kibble after they are done!

2. no sew catnip sock toy
Who hasn’t got a sachet of catnip at the bottom of the kitchen draw? Create a fun cat toy using an odd sock! Pour a small amount or catnip into the sock with a little stuffing (perhaps from an old cushion or cuddly toy) and close the open end tightly with a knot or piece of string. Let your cat have a sniff and throw. This shape really lends itself to an energetic ‘grab and kick’ session for your cat.
3. cat in the......
This is a great one to get the children’s imaginations going! All you need is a trusty cardboard box. Cut a floor level entrance hole in any side large enough for your cat to enter and investigate (they just can’t help themselves). Then cut a head sized hole higher up on another side. The fun for you is how you choose to decorate it around it. Have you ever wondered what your cat would look like as an astronaut or with a dinosaur body? Let your imagination run wild and enjoy.
4. luxury cat bed
Whether your home decor is shabby chic, industrial or vintage inspired, you can make a stylish addition with a handmade bed for your cat. Simply up-cycle an old suitcase, crate or even a draw. Customize to your taste and fill with a soft blanket or bedding.
5. cat scratch pad
If you have lots of unused cardboard boxes up in your loft, simply cut into narrow strips (as many as you can). Attach all the strips with a little tape to make one long strip. Tightly coil the strip outwards, as tightly as possible, until you have a plate-sized disk shape and seal the end. It’s now ready to be used on the ground or fixed against a wall for your cat to scratch to their heart’s content!