6 reasons we use potato

All hail the humble potato!

Here are 6 reasons why we include this ‘king of veg’ in many of our products.

1. Potato is a highly digestible source of carbohydrate. It is used in our Sensitive range of complete dry food, canned food and treats, our Premium recipe and all of our cat foods.

2. Potatoes are included in the Arden Grange Sensitive and feline recipes to provide an alternative carbohydrate source for dogs and cats with grain allergies or sensitivities and in our Premium dog food to provide another maize free option.

3. It is a gentle and efficient source of energy for all cats and dogs but especially those who cannot tolerate cereals.

4. Potato is an excellent source of the antioxidant vitamins C and B6, as well as potassium - which is an electrolyte involved in immunity and energy production.

5. We use white potato in our recipes with the exception of our new Sensitive dog food range. Here we use a new, balanced combination of white potato and sweet potato for a slow and steady release of energy throughout the day.

6. Sweet potato is also highly digestible, has antioxidant properties and is a great source of vitamin A and C.

Dispelling some myths about potato in pet food!

Cooked potato is a safe ingredient and is NOT proven to cause or exacerbate arthritic conditions or systemic yeast infections.

The yeast query arose from human nutrition since people with Candida are sometimes advised to eliminate potatoes from their diet. This is because they grow underground and the skin can hold Candida cells with the potential to put more yeast into the system. However, potato within extruded pet food is cooked at a high temperature meaning that these cells would not survive.

The arthritis query has again stemmed from human research, however the studies were concerning rheumatoid arthritis. There remains to this date no scientific evidence to support that potato is problematic in dogs with osteoarthritis or related conditions. The respected Arthritis Research UK charity has dismissed claims that people should avoid potato to prevent or alleviate the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Another caution, again pertaining to human nutrition more so than to dogs and cats, is that potato starch is quite quickly converted into sugar and thus could be used as a food source for existing yeast colonies. However, there are many other carbohydrate sources commonly used in commercial dog food which can be far more provocative than potato (namely the high gluten grains; none of which are in Arden Grange products).

All of the potato included in our products is sourced within the EU.