itchy pets! 5 reasons why your pet is always stretching

If your cat or dog is always scratching it can be heart-breaking to watch their discomfort. Here are 5 common causes of Itchy skin and how to help.

If your pet suffers from problem skin, then your vet should always be the first port of call to treat the uncomfortable symptoms and establish the root cause of the problem. This is notoriously difficult as there are many possible causes such as:

1. Environmental allergies 

2. Flea or mites

3. Bacterial or yeast infections

4. Stress If all of these have been eliminated, it might be time to take some food for thought…… 5. Itchy skin may be symptomatic of an adverse food reaction!

One might typically expect a dog or cat suffering from dietary allergies to experience digestive problems, but the skin and coat are also often affected.

So, If your pet has a potential food allergy or sensitivity contributing towards itchy skin, a change in diet may help alleviate the symptoms. Consider removing potentially provocative ingredients from the main diet (and treats!) and choosing a food that provides extra support to the digestion, skin and immune systems. (See our handy infographic  about which features to look for in a sensitive diet).

Our sensitive range of products has been created specifically to help your itchy pet. They are free from the most common dietary allergens (wheat-gluten, beef, soya, dairy products, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives) and contain extra beneficial ingredients for sensitive animals in a gentle, easily digested recipe. Our sensitive products include:

Making the change to these diets has helped so many sensitive pets back to optimum health and vitality. You can follow their success stories here on our blog or on our  Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Read the full version of our 'Itchy Pets' fact sheet written by Ness Bird – Nutrition Adviser and RVN
CertCFVHNut, here.