Why we include nucleotides in our pet food

Ever struggled to understand everything on your pet food label? Here we talk about something we include in our cat and dog recipes ‘Nucleotides’ and why!
Pet food labelling can be confusing. We include everything we use in our food and treats on our labels. As a result, we have some of the most lengthy and technical labels in pet food! Here we will focus on a special ingredient we include in our recipes ‘Nucleotides’ and why:
So, what are nucleotides?

You will find nucleotides in the ‘composition’ section of our pet food label.

Nucleotides are regularly referred to as the building blocks of life. They are found, and made, in every cell within the body and also absorbed from the food we eat. These tiny organic compounds contribute to the structure of DNA and RNA – molecules that contain genetic information, and they are essential in repairing and replacing cells.

Why supplement what already occurs naturally?

Although nucleotides occur naturally in every cell, production cannot always supply demand, especially in animals who are suffering from metabolic stress (be this as a result of illness, psychological stress or strenuous exercise).

Why include them in pet food?

Almost all food ingredients provide a dietary source of nucleotides, but the body needs to work hard to break down complex cellular structures. This can be time-consuming and inefficient. The inclusion of a nucleotide supplement provides a readily available supply which may have benefits to both the immune system and digestion.

Nucleotides help to improve the immune response to an outside challenge (especially beneficial during times of disease or stress). They do this by speeding up lymphocyte production and increasing the number of the body’s protective cells, especially helpful in pets recovering from cell damage (injury or wear and tear)!

This has positive effects on the gut since numerous immune cells reside within the digestive system. Nucleotides also increase the surface area for absorption of nutrients within the small intestine.

Our nucleotides are derived from a special type of nutritional yeast and they are rarely responsible for adverse food reactions in dogs and cats. They can be found in all of our cat foods, dry dog foods, Partners wet foods and Crunchy Bites dog treats.

If you are curious about any of the other ingredients listed on our labels, take a look at our ingredients glossary or contact us with your query.