Bonfire Night safety tips for dogs and cats

Bonfire Night can be a whirlwind of blasts, bangs, and beautiful colours, however, what can be a delightful evening for us humans can be extremely unsettling for our beloved dogs and cats.

Before fireworks begin

By planning ahead and following these simple steps you can help your pet to cope during the fireworks season.

  • Create a cat or dog safe space - This should be an area in the quietest room in your home. Make this a positive space your cat or dog can retreat to. Place their favourite toys, bed or blankets around the room, and you could also include a treat or two to encourage them to want to spend time here. Something that smells like you may also help to reassure your pet.

  • Give your dog an early walk - Take your dog out earlier in the day, preferably in the daylight, to avoid times when fireworks may be set off.

  • Close the exits and do a head count - Make sure to close any open windows and securely lock the cat flap before any firework displays begin. If your cat is the outdoorsy type, make sure they have a litter box available and if you have multiple cats make sure that every furry pal is accounted for.

  • Make sure your furry friend is microchipped – Loud bangs could cause your pet to become startled and escape outdoors. Having them chipped can help a lost pal to be reunited with their owners.

  • You could consider purchasing some pheromone diffusers - These release calming pheromones into the room which may help your pet. These need to be set up before the festivities begin to have the desired effect. In extreme cases it’s worth talking to your vet as medication may need to be prescribed.
During the fireworks
  • Close your curtains or blinds to muffle the sound of fireworks. Blackout your pet’s safe haven so they can’t see any flashes.

  • Put on some music or turn on the television to drown out the loud cracks, pops, and bangs. Make sure whatever you choose is something relaxing. We hear classical music can be our furry friends’ favourite!

  • Make sure to act normally. Try to ignore the firework noises. Play with your pet’s favourite toy and see if your pet would like to join in. But don’t force them to play.

  • If your pet chooses to hide somewhere, ensure they’re safe, then leave them until they’re ready to venture out. Don’t try to tempt them as this could cause more stress.
After the fireworks have ended

Whether the display was at a neighbor’s house or a public event. Before you let your dog and cat outside, make sure to check that your garden is free from any firework debris, including dropped sparklers.

How our food can help your pet during Bonfire Night
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