what should I feed a cat or dog with seizures?

A diet that supports the neurological system is not a substitute for veterinary intervention and medication (if required) but it may have several benefits to cats and dogs suffering from seizures.
Beneficial features of Arden Grange diets for dogs and cats suffering from seizures
  1. They are made without gluten which can stimulate the opioid receptors in the brain, increasing the susceptibility to seizures in animals predisposed to them. *1
  2. They supply minerals which are easily absorbed. Magnesium, zinc and calcium deficiencies may reduce seizure thresholds.
  3. The dry products contain krill, which is an excellent source of essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA, which help maintain the structure and function of the cellular and sub-cellular membranes, as well as support growth of blood vessels and nerves.
  4. They contain antioxidant vitamins, minerals and plant extracts which can help protect the body from free-radical damage resulting from oxidative stress. Excessive free-radical release is likely implicated in the initiation and progression of epilepsy. *2
  5. The products are made to fixed formulae and designed to promote a steady release of energy and help prevent seizures related to the peaks and troughs of glucose.  
  6. Moderate salt levels. This is especially important for dogs taking potassium bromide as an anticonvulsant.hey are hypoallergenic (contain no wheat, soya or dairy products). It may be sensible to avoid these common dietary allergens as allergies contribute to metabolic stress, and although rare in dogs and cats, severe food allergies can cause anaphylactic reactions which sometimes result in seizures.
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We recommend: Arden Grange Performance

For a reasonably active dog of a healthy weight, Arden Grange Performance could be a good option since it contains a number of extra nutrients –  taurine, L-carnitine, quercetin, green tea and grape seed extract
– that may be extremely beneficial for epileptic dogs.

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For dogs who require a grain-free product, our Sensitive (white fish and potato) range may be suitable. For dogs who can eat rice, but not maize, our Adult Pork & Rice and Premium could be good options.

we recommend: adult cat range

Our feline range is all grain-free to reflect a cat’s natural diet more closely. If your vet suspects dietary allergies are exacerbating seizures, a product with both a novel protein and carbohydrate source may be recommended.

It is important to keep your vet in the loop if you are planning to change your dog or cat’s diet if they are under care for seizures, and do so gradually and very watchfully. Nutrient proportions can influence how long medication remain in the body so changes in dosage may be required.

Excerpts from fact sheet ‘Diet and Seizures’ By Ness Bird - Nutrition Adviser and RVN CertCFVHNut ©

References: 1. Lowrie et al, 2015, 2. Shin et al, 2011