Easy recipe for homemade electrolyte solution for dogs

Has your dog had a bout of the runs? Did you know you can prepare your own electrolyte solution at home to help your dog with diarrhoea?

It is always important to try to establish the cause of diarrhea or loose stools in cats and dogs, especially if it is happening frequently. Whatever the cause, there are a number of helpful measures that may be taken at home to help your pet through bouts of the runs! Ensuring you follow your vet’s advice as a first port of call, you could try adding an electrolyte solution to your dog's water – to help replenish electrolytes lost through diarrhea. Here is our helpful infographic with a recipe for home prepared electrolyte solution.


Recipe for homemade electrolyte solution for dogs

Adding an electrolyte solution to the drinking water may help replenish the electrolytes lost through diarrhoea.


  • 4 pints of boiled water (cooled)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 4 tsp sugar


  • Stir ingredients until dissolved.
  • Serve at body temperature or cooler if preferred.


  • Do not add more than the recommended quantities of sugar and salt.
  • Never withhold water - ensure fresh drinking water is always available.

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