does your pet need to slim down?

Your cat or dog's waistline may have expanded this festive season! Is your pet overweight or obese? Let us help you tackle their weight problem now

The beginning a new year is a great time to assess our health and wellbeing and set goals for the year ahead.  Your waistline may have expanded over the festive season but what about your pets? 

Pet obesity is steadily on the rise and many dog and cat owners are receiving slapped wrists from their veterinary practice because of this.

And rightly so! It is entirely preventable and we can help.

Join our free Diet Club and get your pet back down to their ideal weight.  We will provide advice, guidance and personalised support to you every step of the way to ensure your pet regains their health and happiness. So, whether you have been advised to make changes by your vet practice, or have noticed weight gain in your pet unprompted, now is the time to tackle this head on.