Powerful proteins

As humans we love variety in our diets, and we believe that should be no different for our pets. That’s why we’re so excited to announce we’ve expanded our range of proteins, in our dry food and treats range. But we aren’t just introducing one new protein… no we’re introducing three!

Two of our new proteins, duck and turkey (a bit of something different or for a fancier term, novel proteins), will join our already wide range of delicious protein sources, including chicken, lamb, salmon, and pork. They will then be joined later in the year by venison.

Pick your protein

While all our no-nonsense, naturally hypoallergenic diets contain exceptional ingredients, carefully sourced, and included for their nutritional value, you may find your dog favours or benefits from a particular type of protein.

What can our new proteins do for your dog?
Delicious duck

Full of flavour and close to red meat, duck is a lean, easy-to-digest protein source; that’s rich in amino acids, which can help to support your dog to build healthy bones and muscles. Along with this duck also contains a significant amount of iron, which helps to produce red blood cells and hemoglobin, which in turn carry oxygen in the blood from the lungs to the organs and tissue.

Diets formulated with duck as their protein source, can sometimes be recommended for dogs who suffer from allergies. However, before you change your dog’s diet, make sure to consult your vet.

Tasty turkey

While you may think turkey is only a seasonal meat, it's perfect to include in your dog's regular diet. A white meat alternative to chicken, turkey is a gentle protein source, which can be beneficial to dogs.  It’s a rich source of magnesium and zinc; these nutrients can help to keep your dog’s heart healthy, maintain muscle function, regulate blood sugar levels, and help their immune system to maintain a healthy coats and skin and proper digestion.

Venison to fawn over

Is your dog 'game' for a new protein in their diet? Venison is a novel protein which is naturally low in fat and packed with nutrients to support your dog’s wellbeing. It contains a high amount of vitamin B, which can boost energy levels. Along with this it’s rich in zinc and iron which can help to keep your dog’s immune system healthy and support organ function.

Our new venison protein is joining our delicious sensitive range, which currently includes, ocean white fish and potato. These products are highly palatable and easily digested, meaning they are gentle on sensitive tummies and good for dogs with dietary allergies or intolerances.

It’s all about balance

Whatever protein your pooch puts their paws up for in our range, you’ll know they are eating a complete diet which can bring many health benefits. For more information or help on which protein to choose for your dog's dinners, book an appointment with our nutritional expert.

If you already have found the one, they love… bone appetite!