Royal games to play with your pet

Will you be joining the coronation festivities? Whether you’re attending a street party or a private occasion, games are essential. So why not get your furry friends involved with some of these enriching royal games.

Games for dogs
Bringing gifts to the king (fetch)

Fetching is a great activity to do with your dog, not only is it a mood booster but it stimulates their brains by building their focus and concentration.

All you need is an open space whether it’s a park, field, or back garden, and your pet’s favourite item to retrieve (possibly a ball, frisbee or toy). 

Make sure to mix things up by varying the distance, height, and direction you throw the toy.

Hey, that’s my scone (tug of war)

Tug of war can be played anywhere. It’s a great source of exercise for your dog but also very engaging. Pick a toy that won’t irritate your dog’s mouth, maybe a rope or a rubber toy.

Make sure to be careful when playing tug of war with your puppy as their mouths are still developing.

While this is a great source of fun, remember, this is not a game suitable for children to play.

Hunting for the crown jewels (hide and seek)

Hide and seek is a great enrichment game to get your dog problem-solving. Rub the treat on a few spots along the path to its final hiding location. Make sure to select a location that’s challenging for your dog to find.

If you also want to build up their listening skills use the words ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ in different tones as they hunt for the treat.

Games for cats
Watching the ravens in the tower (chasing prey)

A game that’s sure to tire your cat out is chasing prey. Using a toy on a string or wand, while simulating the movement of prey, for example dragging it along the floor or making it flit up and down like a bird, is a fun and interactive game for your pet.

Catch the mouse in the kingdom (motorized toys)

Toys that move are a great way to entertain your cat. This could either be through clicking a button and the toy moves (whether it’s a laser toy or flopping fish) or a remote-controlled mouse, you can drive around the house. They’re sure to get your cat running after them.

Time for a bounce in the castle (ping pong)

This is perfect to really give your cat some exercise. All you need is a hard floor and a ping pong ball. From there simply bounce, role or throw the ball and watch as your cat chases it in delight.

You might need a few balls though, as they are bound to go missing under the furniture!