staying home with your pet

Most of us have never spent so much time at home with our families and pets. This may present many challenges. Here are a few important things to remember

In order to support our amazing NHS and the most vulnerable in society we must all follow the latest advice and stay at home. Some of us will have never spent so much time at home with our families and pets. This may present many challenges to us human beings but it may also affect our pets! With them in mind, here are a few things which might be helpful to remember…
safety first
There may be more people, and objects around your home than usual. Remember to keep on top of clearing all potential choking hazards in your home and clear away left-over foods which may be toxic to your cat or dog. Always stick to best hygiene and safety practices when it comes to children and pets.
be kind to the mind
We must all look after our mental health during these challenging times. The benefits of pet ownership on mental health are well documented, but, remember some dogs and cats can experience their own anxiety when things change at home. Check out our blog for advice on dealing with anxious cats and dogs.
watch their weight!
For some pets, a household full of family members presents a fantastic opportunity for more treats! Resist the temptation to over treat or overfeed your pet. Ensure everyone in the home is aware of your pet’s daily food and treat allowance. If daily exercise has reduced due to social distancing measures, consider reducing your pet’s food allowance a little to account for this. Remember your pet may find play just as rewarding as food. If your pet seems bored or in need of attention get them out in the garden for a play. Feeding bowls or puzzles can also be introduced to slow down feeding times and make them even more rewarding.
take that walk
Currently each non high-risk individual, within a household free of Coronavirus symptoms, can go outside to perform some form of exercise once a day. Please act responsibly on dog walks, keeping your dogs on a lead is the best way to guarantee you can keep a safe distance from other dog walkers. Consider changing the time of your walks to when streets and narrow footpaths are quieter. If your dog is used to multiple walks a day, venture out separately from your family members so your dog may get a second outing!

Keep up to date with the latest government advice regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) on GOV.UK website.