Common pet diet fails and how to avoid them!

Have you tried and failed to slim your overweight cat or dog? These could be the reasons why and how to overcome them!
This is primary reason diets fail but how can your pet be cheating? Other members of the household may be unwittingly sabotaging your efforts by feeding or treating your pet. Accidental extras may occur during mealtimes, especially if you have little ones in a high-chair and your pet is prone to hoovering?
Self help
Animals can be pretty clever at supplementing their menu. Outdoor cats may hunt and eat prey whilst dogs are natural scavengers and may be able to access food left out for other species like wild birds and hedgehogs!
Becoming discouraged
Even pets can experience the dreaded ‘plateau’. Periods where the weight remains the same, despite your best efforts, can be disheartening for even the most motivated pet owners.
Reduced energy output
There may be reasons why you and your pet have not been as active as normal such as ageing, neutering, enforced rest after injury or even bad weather!
Not being 'treat aware!'

Treats have calories too! Even dental chews and chew toy fillers. It is important to be disciplined when giving treats and take their calories into account.

So how to avoid these common diet pitfalls?
Ensure everyone that encounters your pet is on board with your plan and not unwittingly halting progress. Keep allocated treats in a clearly marked separate container so everyone in the household knows what is allowed.
Discourage scavenging by keeping your dog on a lead during walks and ensure food dropped at mealtimes is quickly cleared away.
Be active, keep up the play and exercise with your pet to burn off those calories. If you can’t enlist friends, family and perhaps your local dog walker to help you.
Keep a weight loss chart but don’t obsess over results week by week, an overall downward trend is what you are looking for. If a plateau is ongoing try to resolve with another small reduction in food and an increase in activity.

If you still cannot put your finger on why successful weight loss is proving elusive, speak to your vet to eliminate any medical causes.  You could even employ technology to help you. There are various home surveillance apps or pet activity trackers on the market which may help shed some light.

If you have previously tried and failed to slim your pet, we would love to help.  Join our free  diet club  today and we will be with you every step of the way to get your cat or dog get back down to their ideal weight.