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Digestibility - Arden Grange Dog and Cat Food


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The advent of a multitude of Internet forums for pet owners has lead to a recent growth in the knowledge of canine and feline nutrition amongst both the pet owning public and professionals such as breeders and behaviourists. As customers become more aware of the different types of commercial complete pet foods available, we are often questioned about the digestibility of the Arden Grange range.


Unfortunately, the only way to accurately measure digestibility figures is to house cats and dogs in metabolic cages and measure input versus output over a long period of time. Arden Grange's policy is not to do this as we do not feel that it is necessary, and we have a strict "Not Tested on Animals Policy" which affirms that we have not and never will fund any invasive research projects conducted in relation to the development or refinement of pet foods manufactured or sold by our company.


We can however estimate the digestibility based upon the gelatinisation level of the starch, since this is the most indigestible portion of the diet other than fibre, which is also taken into account. Fibre contains both a soluble fraction (digestible) and an insoluble fraction (indigestible). Starch gelatinisation figures for the Arden Grange foods are typically 90-95% and therefore we are able to establish that the total digestibility of the recipes as in the region of 85-90%.


A protein and fat rich diet such as the Arden Grange Prestige would be at or very close to the 90% level, whilst a food containing greater levels of carbohydrate ingredients such as the Arden Grange Light would be nearer the 85% level. A commercial complete pet food could not be 100% digestible, since a proportion of insoluble fibre is necessary in the diet of a cat or dog in order to assist the passage of food and ensure maximum absorption of the nutrients.


We do carry out non-invasive trials on our own pet animals at home, as well as pets belonging to friends and family who have volunteered to take part in our food trials. This helps to ensure that our feeds are both digestible and palatable before we put them on sale. We also monitor feedback concerning both of these factors through regular customer service surveys.



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