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dog cat diet club Canine and feline obesity in the UK is now a pressing issue. Arden Grange are committed to reducing pet obesity and are proud to announce the launch of our Diet Club.



UK pet obesity is steadily on the rise and many dog and cat owners are receiving slapped wrists from their veterinary practice because of this. It is entirely preventable and Arden Grange are here to help.


The PDSA found that 5.7 million UK pets are fed treats daily, often including crisps, cakes, chips and even chocolate which is highly toxic to dogs and can be fatal! Furthermore, 2.4 million dogs and 1.5 million cats are fed table scraps and leftovers as their main meal, as opposed to a suitable pet food, providing them with crucial nutrients. Here at Arden Grange we understand the damaging effects this can have on cats and dogs. Like us, if our pets snack frequently and rarely exercise, their weight quickly increases which often comes hand in hand with health implications.



Joining our Diet Club entitles you to free specialised and personalised advice from our registered Veterinary Nurse and holder of the Certificate in Canine and Feline Veterinary Health Nutrition, Ness Bird.


With over 25 years of experience, Ness will be with you every step of the way, ensuring the necessary steps are taken to get your pet back down to their ideal weight. After an initial assessment, Ness will formulate a plan, taking into consideration the required food and portion size needed for your pet. You'll receive valuable information about nutrition and diet to help your pet lose weight. In addition to this, your pet will receive certificates of achievement for reaching milestones in their weight loss journey and will have a chance to feature on Arden Grange's social media to celebrate their progress.


At Arden Grange, we recognise the importance of tackling the growing issue of pet obesity, so there is no cost to join the Diet Club. Whether you have been advised to make changes by your veterinary practice, or have noticed weight gain in your pet unprompted, we want to help.


Simply fill out the form below to join the Diet Club today!


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Current weight in kg

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Current main diet (brand and product name/s)

Daily allowance in grams (complete dry diets):

How many times / day the pet is fed:

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If yes, how many treats per day:

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Has your vet advised you that your pet needs to lose weight?:

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Are there any other dogs / cats in your household?

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By clicking the submit button, you agree to Arden Grange contacting you in respect of your enquiry. Your data will only be used for the purpose of providing nutrition advice. It will be stored electronically so that your pet's record can be referenced for continuity should you like to use the service again. 



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