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dog cat nutrition expertNess Bird RVN is our senior nutrition adviser. After 15 years practical experience as a veterinary nurse, NVQ assessor and technical writer, Ness has an in depth knowledge of canine and feline nutrition. She and the team are always happy to provide guidance should you have any queries, and can help with a very wide range of topics.


If your cat or dog is unwell, we always recommend that you seek your vet's advice first. We do not supply prescription diets, and whilst our recipes may be beneficial to many animals, we must highlight that they are not a substitute for veterinary intervention in the case of a sick animal. We are however very happy to liaise with your vet and offer guidance (if safe and appropriate to do so) in the event of your pet suffering from a nutritionally responsive medical condition.

Whilst every effort will be made to assist as quickly as possible, please be aware that a response may take up to 3 working days. Please address urgent enquiries to or call us on 01273 833390.

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