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Cost Effective Pet Food


Arden Grange is unique in that when developing our products, we create the recipe first and then fix a price. We don’t set a price first and then source the ingredients to fall within a specific cost bracket. This means we can guarantee that every single one of the nutrients used is super premium quality, offering the best nutrition for your pet. We manufacture to a fixed recipe, and will never reduce the quality of our ingredients because of market prices.


It may therefore come as a surprise to see that our products are extremely competitively priced. As a family business manufacturing in the UK, we don’t pass expensive importation charges on to our customers.


As well as the convenience of a nutritionally complete dry pet food, Arden Grange products are calorie dense. This means that less volume is required to meet your cat or dog’s nutritional needs, and in turn this means that you spend less time clearing up what come out at the other end!


It is impossible to compare two different manufacturer’s feeds price-wise bag for bag. This is because the feeding recommendations may differ. To make a true comparison, you would need to work out the daily feeding cost.

It is also important to look for quality ingredients. Truly cheap pet foods are inexpensive because cheap ingredients are used. These foods are packed with grain ingredients which have limited digestibility.


At Arden Grange we are committed to providing the best possible nutrition at a price that is affordable. For further details concerning the super premium quality of the Arden Grange range, please visit the information pages


For more information regarding feeding quantities your cat or dog, please visit our Feeding Recommendations.



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