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Dogs with Embarrassing Nuzzling


by CHRISTINE EMERSON, dog behaviourist at Drove Veterinary Hospital


I’ll let you into a secret my dog Fern has a very embarrassing habit.

Given the chance she will approach my female visitors or sometimes even a women we encounter on a walk and, from behind, in one swift upward move, shove her muzzle between her legs.

This has the effect of raising the women off her feet whilst letting out a high pitched “ooh!” - just like Fern’s favourite squeaky toy! Fern thinks it is hilarious. She will frollick off, looking very pleased with herself. She only does it to ladies as it is only ladies that can make the same sound as her favourite toy.

Luckily, I am wise to it now and can distract her or persuade visitors to totally ignore her - after all if there is no reaction, Fern will learn it does not work and will simply stop doing it.

Shame really, I almost feel like laughing along with her - I think it’s quite ingenious.

If your dog has a habit you would prefer he stopped, I think about what happens when they do it. What reaction do they get for it and can you stop that reaction? After all, if you change your reaction, they will often change theirs.



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