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Ingredients & Analyses


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Arden Grange pet foods are nutritionally complete and balanced, and attention is paid to the proportions and diversity of sources of the nutrients.


A standard diet contains about 15 nutrients, whilst “premium” diets are formulated with approximately 50. Arden Grange diets are truly super-premium since the range also contains ingredients that may have a positive impact on canine and feline health including antioxidants, nucleotides and prebiotics.


Arden Grange pet foods are labelled in accordance with the strict legislation imposed by the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) and Trading Standards for the retail sale of animal feeds. All packaging includes an ingredients listing and typical analysis.


Some nutrient levels are reduced by the cooking processes used in the manufacture of the pet foods. These losses have duly been calculated, with additional volumes added prior to extrusion to account for them. The typical analysis and ingredients listings are therefore a true representation of the percentages of nutrients present in the diet.


Arden Grange pet foods are hypoallergenic and contain no wheat gluten, dairy products, beef or soya. Nor do they contain any artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives.


None of our ingredients are genetically modified.



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