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New Kitten Guide - The First Time


new kittenBringing Your Kitten Home


The day that you go to collect your new kitten is bound to be exciting but it’s important to remember safety. A cat basket is essential and when you’re choosing one make sure that it opens at the top as well as the front. Having the added access through the top makes getting your kitten out a much easier and calmer experience. Furthermore, trying to get your kitten out of a front-opening basket later on at the vet practice can cause a great deal of stress before any examination can even start!


Whilst travelling, place your kitten in the basket and position it securely with seat belt or in the foot well so that it cannot slide around. Also make sure that the box is placed on something waterproof and is lined with absorbent material (newspaper plus soft bedding such as a towel) in case your kitten has an accident. You can increase their comfort further by placing a blanket over the top and sides of the box. This will create a darker environment for your new kitten, which may help them to feel more calm and secure. There is no need to put food or water in with them on a short trip, but if you have a long journey, you can purchase special spill-proof travel bowls.


They may meow on the journey but don’t be tempted to take them out. Instead, talk reassuringly to them and try to drive smoothly! If it is a sunny day do not leave the kitten in the car unattended as temperatures in the vehicle can rise rapidly.


Your kitten’s sense of hearing is far more acute than that of a human, so if you have the stereo on during the trip, keep the sound turned down low. A calm and uneventful ride home will help to ensure that your kitten settles in well.


At home make sure all the windows and doors are shut and introduce the kitten to your home one room at a time. This is the first time they will have been away from the only territory they knew, so it can be a bit overwhelming.  Let them settle peacefully and introduce them to everyone and other animals gradually.


Don’t be surprised if your kitten doesn’t have much of an appetite to start with. This will have been the first time that they have travelled by car so they may be feeling a little queasy. They will also be very interested in investigating their new home and this may well take precedence over food.


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