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Celebrating 'Sensitive September!


We are having a party at Arden Grange HQ in celebration of the success of our fantastic range of products developed especially for cats and dogs with dietary allergies or intolerances.

Making the change to these diets has helped so many sensitive cats and sensitive dogs back to optimum health and vitality, and we will be sharing some of their stories with you this month.

There will also be more helpful articles and advice on our blog throughout the month with the celebrations culminating in a fantastic competition to win lots of Sensitive themed prizes for your cats and dogs!

Join in the fun and show Arden Grange your sensitive side! Send us your petís success stories by email or messaging us on Facebook or Instagram so we may share them with our fans! Alternatively, you can post them on your profiles and tag us #agsensitivetails.

You can ensure you donít miss out on any of our sensitive stories and competition this September by signing up to our newsletter or follow the hashtags #ardengrangeuk and #agsensitivetails on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Now weíre off to eat cake (gluten free of course)!

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