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What to look for in a 'sensitive' diet


Do you have a sensitive pet? Perhaps your dog or cat has dry, itchy skin or recurring ear infections. Are bouts of digestive upset or diarrhoea occurring regularly?

If illness and infection have been eliminated as the root cause, it may be time to consider dietary changes, in case a food sensitivity is responsible. Even if not, a diet that offers support to the skin, coat, digestion and immune system may still be beneficial.

So, what does this mean exactly? What should you feed a sensitive pet when there are a plethora of brands and recipes available on the market making all sorts of claims?

As manufacturers of naturally hypoallergenic pet foods for more than twenty years, including a Sensitive range especially developed for pets with dietary allergies and intolerances to meat protein and grains, we have created this handy infographic detailing specific, beneficial features of a truly ‘Sensitive’ diet to help you choose the best option for your pet.

Learn more about our Sensitive dog range here

Learn more about our Sensitive cat range here

If you are still unsure which diet would suit your pet, get in touch with our nutrition adviser and registered vet nurse, Ness for advice.

Also feel free to browse our blog or library of useful articles and fact sheets about sensitive or allergic pets.

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