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Monty's Sensitive Story


Time for the third instalment of our 'sensitive story time'.

This is Monthy! His owner would like to share her story with you all...."Monty is a rescue with absolutely no background knowledge on his medical history and severe digestive issues - it's been a lot of trial and error to find a feed that didn't cause him to be violently sick. I finally found a feed that eased things somewhat, but he still had days of discomfort with an unsettled stomach and was so lethargic, he was surviving but not thriving. I met the Arden Grange team at Crufts 2019 as I was originally interested in items for my other dog. I purchased the sensitive Crunchy bites, and after reading the ingredients and reviews I decided to chance it and offer Monty one - I was STUNNED. Monty is now on the full Arden Grange sensitive range exclusively; he now gets excited at feed time, his coat is shinier, his digestive issues seem to have just disappeared (as long as we stick to the feeding plan) and he is so full of energy! I now recommend Arden Grange to all my doggy customers and their owners at work! Monty is proof it works, and we are so grateful."

We are so grateful to Monty's owner for these words and the lovely photo! Pets like Monty are the reason we created these recipes and we enjoy hearing first hand how making the change to these diets has helped your sensitive cats and sensitive dogs back to optimum health and vitality!

Would you like to show us your sensitive side? Send us your petís success stories by email or messaging us on Facebook or Instagram so we may share them with our fans! Alternatively, you can post them on your profiles and tag us #agsensitivetails.

You can ensure you donít miss out on any of our sensitive stories by following the hashtags #ardengrangeuk and #agsensitivetails on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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