Adult Cat FAQ's

Yes, all of our cat food range is free from grains and cereals.
Many people are surprised to hear about the practice of soaking dry kibble. Unless your vet has specifically advised you one way or another there are no hard and fast rules about whether you should or shouldn’t soak it. Much depends on the individual cat dog – and convenience to the owner! Here are the main circumstances when soaking may be beneficial. Find out the benefits here
To provide steady energy release, and supply other nutrients including vitamin c, vitamin B6 and potassium. 

It is often an ideal alternative carbohydrate source for cats known or suspected to be allergic or intolerant to grains/cereals. 

In its cooked form, it is very digestible.

As with all treats, we recommend feeding in moderation, and reducing the main diet a little to accommodate the additional calories in anything fed in addition to the main diet.

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No because our Light Cat Food provides many of the same supportive elements of a senior food (i.e. lower in fat/calories, inclusion of supplements to support joint health and the brain). 

For underweight, slim or inappetent older cats, the Adult Cat Food can be fed as a higher calorie alternative. 

This product also includes joint and brain support.

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